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Just a bird.
Warning! My opinions on this blog are my own and do not represent those of my employer

I’ve been developing computer vision and deep learning algorithms across a range of roles and industries for 5 years, including domains such as microscopy, medical imaging and most recently sidescan sonar data. Anything involving pixels usually piques my interest. More recently I’ve become interested in MLOps and pipeline management for machine learning, which is where I think a lot of value lies for businesses in terms of actually deploying ML solutions and ensuring they don’t set everything on fire.

My academic background is fairly eclectic and I consider myself a proud autodidact. I studied psychology for my undergrad and I had a particular interest in cognitive neuroscience. After that I pursued my growing interest in programming by taking a masters in computer science/data analytics/engineering (it was a cool program that combined courses from a range of schools) and have worked in various software companies ever since.

My aim with this blog is to write more about my personal projects and random areas of technical interest (of which I have far too many). This blog has been sunsetted and revived many times over the years as I’ve fought with perfectionism/imposter syndrome, but I’m finally in a place where I’m ready to confidently share that there’s Lots Of Stuff I Don’t Know and Lots More Stuff That I Do.

Outside of programming, I am an avid pole dancer and calisthenics geek. Most days a week you can find me flinging myself upside down around a tall metal stick. I’ve been pole dancing since April 2021 and it has improved my physical and mental health in ways I never thought possible. I also love reading horror, especially books with psychological, body horror and/or feminist themes. I live and work in the gorgeous city of Edinburgh in the UK.

Feel free to reach out, and/or send me book recommendations. 📚